Art in Beijing and Self driving cars.

Blog post #10


On my recent business trip to Beijing I had some free time on the weekend and decided to go see the Beijing 798 art district. It was very cool!

There are many small galleries within the district and probably my favorite was the Hyundai gallery. I have an image of the artwork below. It shows a picture of a car surrounded by a circle of salt. I thought what in the world is this?

The artist’s caption says that the picture is about self driving cars and their relationship to the environment. OK. Here is where it gets neat – because the self driving car is not truely smart, it just responds to stimulus in the environment, for example, the car will not cross a white solid line. If someone were to put a white solid line around a self driving car, it would be trapped inside! What a neat idea. So, if someone steals your parking spot in the future, I suppose all you need is a little white paint to get even 🙂

(P.S. I taught my mother in law driving, you can read about it here.)





“No tourism allowed!” on the Great Wall

Blog post #2 Jan 13, 2018

This week I am in Beijing for a business trip. I have been to Beijing before, but on this trip I am excited to go back to the Great Wall. This time I went to a section of the Great Wall (mu tian yu) and got to see parts of the Wall that are not maintained. In fact, I went past the tourist area and on to the highest point of the Wall. A picture is below. So cool. It reminds me of how much I love hiking.

#2 一月十三号 2018