Eating Crab with Chopsticks

Blog #6

I learned how to use chopsticks when I was a kid because I thought they were neat.  Now, whenever I travel in China, people are always amazed at how proficient I am as a foreigner with chopsticks.  I’ve never really had trouble eating anything with chopsticks until one night in Shanghai.  
My wife and I were meeting a friend of a friend at a restaurant.  She ordered the food, and out came hard shelled crab . . . and nothing but chopsticks.  I said – OK, I have no idea how to eat this with chop sticks.  Our host was sitting directly across the table from me.  She smiled and said ‘ you just use your teeth the break the shell’ and then she smiled a big smile . . . Every single one of her front teeth was broken.  It was like looking at a zig zag jagged line. I guess she really enjoyed to eat crab.
I left the dinner hungry that night.

我小时候学习用筷子,学会了,并且学得很好。现在我去中国的时候,中国人常常说”哎呀,这个外国人会用筷子!”。别人说,我拿筷子的方式是对的,可是我太太拿筷子的方式是错的。大部分时候用筷子没有遇到问题, 直到在上海一个晚上。 我和我的太太打算和一个朋友的朋友见面一起吃饭。她点了菜以后上了五只硬壳螃蟹。我们都用筷子,没有其他的。 我说了“好。我会筷子但是,我不知道怎么用筷子打开硬壳螃蟹。 我们的朋友坐在我对面。他说”没有问题!你就用你的牙打开。“ 然后她笑了笑。他的每颗牙齿都是坏的, 看起来很不整齐。我想她真的很喜欢吃螃蟹。这个晚上我没有吃饱。