Getting cheated in Beijing, Part 1

Post #3 Jan 20, 2018

I’m still in China this week. I almost hesitate to write this, but I think it’s a good story to tell. We went to the silk market to pickup some cheap gifts. Going home, the first taxi driver tried to overcharge me 150 for a trip that should be 40 to get home. The second taxi driver said 80 to get home. The third taxi driver, I did not ask a price, I just got in and told him the address. When we arrived at the hotel, I gave a 100 Yuan note and the driver told me he would not take it, it had a torn corner. So I took it back and gave a second one. He immediately gave it back and said it was too new. I gave a third and fourth, all of them he said too new. Finally, he accepted one of the bills, gave me my change, a receipt, and we got out and went into the hotel.

You can see pictures of what I bought below.  And the story continues in the next blog post.




“No tourism allowed!” on the Great Wall

Blog post #2 Jan 13, 2018

This week I am in Beijing for a business trip. I have been to Beijing before, but on this trip I am excited to go back to the Great Wall. This time I went to a section of the Great Wall (mu tian yu) and got to see parts of the Wall that are not maintained. In fact, I went past the tourist area and on to the highest point of the Wall. A picture is below. So cool. It reminds me of how much I love hiking.

#2 一月十三号 2018


What is this?

Post #1 Jan 2, 2018

Hello and welcome to 50% Chinese!  I have just started writing this blog in Chinese and English to help me learn Chinese.  Also because I’d like to share some entertaining stories from my life and trying to live a bilingual and definitely multi-cultural life.

A little about myself: I am an American married to a Chinese Hunan girl, we live in the USA with our two kids & my mother in law. I work as a Principal Scientist with Procter & Gamble.  I am interested in outdoors activities, running, technology, and learning Chinese.  I expect to publish a new blog posting each week.  Please let me know your comments  and questions – I always respond to every email.

#1 一月二号