My first speech in Chinese


I actually enjoy public speaking. Ever since my first speech class years ago, I have enjoyed mastering a topic or subject and speaking about it from my perspective. Well, this summer I was invited to give a brief talk ***in Chinese*** for the seventh grade class at our Chinese school in October. It was great practice for me to write and practice Chinese for this talk, and I actually got laughs from the one funny bit of my talk. Hopefully it helps the students see that with enough persistence anyone can learn to speak Chinese. I really enjoyed the opportunity and answering questions from the students.

The full talk as I wrote it is below.

大家好!我的名字是Scott Stanley. 你们可以叫我Scott。你们好。




1) 学中文不容易,

2) 我的经验学中文和说中文,


1) 第一个话题,学中文不容易。

经常人们听我说中文的时候,他们不相信他们的耳朵,不相信一个老外人有中文在口里面。然后,他们问我:“你为什么会说中文?”我告诉他们我娶了一个湖南人,他们马上说:“啊 – – 当然,你的妻子教你中文!”

很多人觉得如果你和一个中国人结婚了,你自动会说中文。还有人觉得如果你的父母从中国来的,你自动会说中文。你们遇到过这种问题吗?我们都知道不是这样的。因为学中文真的不容易。其实,我的太太不教我中文。那么,为什么我要学中文?因为我们孩子们小时候,他们花了很多时间跟他们的外婆在一起。外婆只会说中文,所以我的孩子们开始说很多的中文。然后我很紧张 – – 我害怕我将来听不懂我的孩子们说话。所以我开始很努力地学中文。这是为什么我要学中文,但学中文不容易。


我觉得最重要的事情是多开口说中文。例如,我记得,第二次我去中国,是和我的太太去她的老家结婚。当天有差不多两百多人来我们的婚礼。我站在台上,台下有所有的客人和家人。我想说一点的中文。所以我慢慢地说:“大家好。我是老婆。我爱我的老公。谢谢。”他们都觉得很好笑。以后,我用了很多不同的办法学中文。Rosetta Stone, Apps, 书,等等。我觉得对我最有帮助的是私教。过去三年,我每个星期用Skype跟一些老师学中文。我已经通过了HSK一,HSK二,HSK三。今年我开始写一个中文博客。我的博客是很简单的故事,目的是帮助我学中文。


3) 第三个话题:说中文有什么好处。








Chinese medicine

Chinese Medicine in our house


Blog Post #11


I think since marrying my beautiful Chinese Hunan girl I am a more healthy person. I think that is mostly due to Chinese medicine. I have learned a lot about Chinese medicine. By now I am a kind of expert of the major classes of Chinese medicine. In my household we have two types. The first class of Chinese medicine is: drink more water. If you have a headache, drink more water. Cough? Drink more water. Too sleepy? Water again.

If this doesn’t work, you will need stronger medicine. I would recommend taking things to the next level of stronger Chinese medicine – drinking hot water. This one can tackle tougher problems. Bad cold? Drink more hot water. Flu? Definitely drink more hot water.

If you don’t believe me, give it a try!

We have other more advanced medicines as well, like wearing more clothes, but that we will have to cover in a future blog post.




其实我们家也有其他中药(例如:穿多一点衣服). 我未来会写在我的博客上。

Making a Good First Impression

Post #5 Feb 3, 2018

The weather is especially cold this winter where we live. So, I’ve been wearing these long thermal underwears, like people do in China during the winter. On my first trip to China to meet my wife’s family, it was wintertime. So, I packed and brought my long thermal underwear. The thing about wearing them is that you feel warm and covered, even when you are not.

I remember coming out of the bathroom into the living room where there were about 6 older ladies (family and friends) visiting. The conversation stopped and everyone started staring at me. I looked down and realized suddenly that my pants were still completely open! I quickly turned around and fastened my pants, while trying to remember how to say “I’m sorry” in Chinese. Some laughter started and then the one English speaking aunt there said, don’t worry, we are all family.There was more talking in Chinese and laughter – but I have no idea what was said. Great first impression!


我记得有一次从厕所,回到客厅的时候,我发现六个客人到了客厅。他们本来在说话。一看到我就没说话并且盯着我看。我看一看我自己发现裤子没有穿好。我迅速转过身把裤子穿好。因为那个时候我还不会说中文,所以我就说了‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry!’。她们都哈哈大笑。然后一个会说英文的阿姨告诉我没关系,我们都是一家人。她们继续说说笑笑,然而我听不懂。我给我的家人留下了不可磨灭的印象。

What is this?

Post #1 Jan 2, 2018

Hello and welcome to 50% Chinese!  I have just started writing this blog in Chinese and English to help me learn Chinese.  Also because I’d like to share some entertaining stories from my life and trying to live a bilingual and definitely multi-cultural life.

A little about myself: I am an American married to a Chinese Hunan girl, we live in the USA with our two kids & my mother in law. I work as a Principal Scientist with Procter & Gamble.  I am interested in outdoors activities, running, technology, and learning Chinese.  I expect to publish a new blog posting each week.  Please let me know your comments  and questions – I always respond to every email.

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