Hold it right there!

Blog 17


I have always wanted to be a dad and have kids to raise. I can remember even as a small child planning things I would do with my own children. I guess I just like to plan ahead!


However, some things you cannot plan for. For example I never planned for the situation I had last week with my six year old son. You see, normally, my wife takes the kids to school in the morning and I pickup in the afternoon. My wife had some work training, and so I was taking kids to school all week.


Monday, it was a bit crazy, and everyone was late. Tuesday was a little better, but I was still late getting to work. Wednesday the same. By Thursday morning, I am pretty frustrated.


It is a situation any parent can identify with. I was pointing my finger at my kids and saying “you guys had better eat and I don’t want to be late to work again!” In that moment, I was frustrated and my tone of voice was not good. I had had enough.

这个情况所有的父母都可以理解。我指着我的孩子说:“你们最好吃早饭,你们不要再让我迟到了!“ 在那时候,我很沮丧,语气也不好。我受够了。

Suddenly, my six year old holds up hand. He looked me right in the eyes and with a calm voice said “Hold it right there Dad. What is more important to you…” then he held out his two little hands, palms up, like a scale.



He then said “What is more important to you Dad, being late to work … or … having a family where everyone loves you?”




This is either the most clever or the sweetest kid ever (maybe both). In all my planning, I never imagined such delightful children.


Going for a short run

Post #13


We took a trip to Washington DC this week with the kids. Actually, we stayed in Rockville, which is where we first met while working at NIST. You can read more funnies about that elsewhere on my blog.

One time while we were dating Huiqing decided she wanted to go and run with me. I though that she understood that I am a long distance runner. Typically, I will go running for 3-10 miles (5-16 km) for a short run. I told her we could meetup to run a short route out of NIST and through a park and back. The next day, we met up in the parking lot of her building at NIST. She was a bit overdressed for the warm weather, but excited and enthusiastic to go running. NIST is a big place 578 acres (3508 mu) so we had some distance to travel just to get to the perimeter fence. I said “OK let’s go” and she sprinted across the parking lot ahead of me.

I caught up to her and she seemed pretty satisfied with herself and had a big smile. “You run pretty fast” I said, and she laughed and sped up even more. “Take it easy, we are not even to the gate yet” I said. After that, she went into her top speed towards the exit gate.

We exited NIST and started up the hill to go to the park, which is where the run would actually begin. Going up the hill, Huiqing was really slowing down a lot. I slowed down and fell back to let her catch up to me. What she said, I will never forget. She said between deep gasping breaths:

“I …

have …

made …

a …

terrible …


I don’t think she really realized how far the run was going to last and she was totally exhausted from the top speed running. I put my hand on her back to help her up the hill and we slowed down the pace of running considerably to make it to the park entrance. And then we just enjoyed a nice walk through the park and back to NIST from there.

My wife is still a very competitive person, but now she understands how to pace herself better.



NIST是一个大的地方578英亩(3500亩)所以我们需要跑一点的距离到周边围栏。我说“好,做吧”她突然跑了很快在我前面出了停车场。我赶上了她。她似乎对自己很满意脸上露出微笑。我说了“你跑步真快“然后她笑了也跑得更快了。我说了“放松,我们还没有出去大门!” 她再一次在我的前面,现在她用最快的速度短跑。


“我 . . .

犯了. . .

一个. . .

很可怕的 . . .

错误 . . .“