Getting Cheated in Beijing, Part2

Post #4 Jan 21, 2018

(Make sure to read part #1 first:Getting cheated in Beijing, Part 1)

The next day, I looked at these bills – they did look super new, maybe just printed. I took them to the counterfeit bill detector in my hotel and they were in fact fake. I asked the hotel manager about it and he told me that the ATM does not dispense fake money.  Every bill in the ATM is accounted for as real.  He asked me, have you been in a taxi recently where the driver refused to take your money?  The taxi driver had cheated me. He switched the bills and I lost 500 Yuan!  The manager said he was sorry, this is a wide-spread scam in Beijing right now.

Below are pictures of the fake bills. It is easy to tell the difference by feel once you know they are fake. If you try to pay and someone gives your bills back to you, they are most likely trying to cheat you. Especially if they are a taxi driver.


#4 一月二十一号2018








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